When fraud has deadly consequences

By GRC & Fraud Software Journal

shot of many headstonesEveryone involved in fraud investigations knows fraud to be a financial crime, damaging to an individual or an organization's purse and reputation.

Yet two recent cases in the United States prove that fraud can, and does kill. An even larger case of fraud and dishonesty, that of fake or counterfeit medication around the world, has been claiming the lives of many.

First, in the case of a Minnesota man who tried to stage a car accident to illegally collect an insurance claim, things went wrong, very wrong.

One of the men who was in the car when it crashed became a victim.

In the second case, the death toll was many times worse. The owner of an aircraft company doctored documents stating the limits of his aircraft's performance.

Because the company owner wanted the income a federal contract would bring him, his overstating of the aircraft's capabilities led to the deaths of firefighters.

Finally, CNN.com reports a rising death toll from fraudulent medications sold not only to Third-World countries trying to help the poor and sick, but to pharmacies in the United States.

"Lazy, cost-cutting manufacturers and criminal counterfeiters make billions of dollars a year peddling products that may kill you, which you might find online or even at your neighborhood pharmacy," CNN reports.




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