ANDROID devices vulnerable to ID theft, fraud

Ryan Wilk, NuData Security

Ryan Wilk, NuData Security

“The Android vulnerability is cause for great concern. Having nearly one billion devices at risk of malware injection leads to the question: What sensitive information is at risk?

“Direct takeover of a device¹s camera and microphone are one target of hackers using malicious code, but hackers also can steal personally identifiable information through a device¹s external storage and other resources. The theft of this information from more than 900 million individuals could wreak havoc on many lives.

“Interestingly, user behavior analytics (UBA), which identifies suspicious activity in a completely passive and nonintrusive way, may provide a solution to victims. UBA provides an extra layer of protection even after personal information has been exposed.”

By comparing how the real owner of the ID logs in, makes key strokes or other user behavior, NuData can determine when a stranger is trying to mimic the real customer on another device.

“Online fraud detection solutions that employ UBA can stop fraudsters in their tracks, rendering stolen data useless,” Wilk said. “This is accomplished by understanding how a legitimate user truly behaves in contrast to a potential fraudster with legitimate information.”

“Without even interrupting a user’s experience, fraud can be predicted and prevented from occurring.”

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