November events: Final Rule requires new compliance measures

Michelle Caswell, JD, Clearwater Compliance LLC

Michelle Caswell, JD, Clearwater Compliance LLC

Did you know there are 15 significant ways in which The Omnibus Final Rule changed the privacy and security provisions from those in the original HIPAA regulations? Michelle Caswell of Clearwater Compliance will present the new realities in the upcoming webinar in November. These changes have major financial, operational and legal risk management consequences for all hospitals, medical practices, health plans, and now their business associates (BAs) and subcontractors that were not previously considered BAs.






Other events:

  • Thomson Reuters holds a webinar Nov. 12 on supply chain risk and emerging global threats to companies, including increased regulatory scrutiny on supply chains. Companies will face risks from global water shortages and other new realities.
  • ISACA South Florida chapter’s next “Learn and Network Series” dinner is Nov. 13. Rob Stroud – past vice president for ISACA International and present vice president of strategy and innovation at CA Technologies – will deliver the dinner presentation: “The Internet of Things (IoT) – What is the Buzz About.”
  • ISACA West Florida is hosting a 7-hour (7) CPE session focused on trends and topics related to the ever changing Security Domain. The event will kick off with a key note presentation by Sri Sridharan, the Managing Director for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, followed by speakers from a number of industries covering topics such as cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), and corporate defense in depth.