SmartMetric uses biometrics to prevent payment card fraud

smart2SmartMetric, Inc. has new credit and debit cards that use micro-biometrics to ensure only the card’s owner can use them.

The new payment card has a tiny fingerprint scanner on its surface that reads the owner’s fingerprint before activation at ATM’s, stores or other points of purchase.

What SmartMetric Inc. calls “the world’s first sub-micro miniature fingerprint scanner” sits inside debit and credit cards. The scanner reads the index finger’s print as the owner runs his fingertip across the card’s face.

Don’t have the fingerprint that’s coded to the card’s miniature biometrics strip on the front of the card? The card simply won’t work.

SmartMetric debuted the card at the 2015 Payments Summit in Orlando last week.

Check out the promotional video

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