Norman Group will integrate Guardian omni-channel fraud platform

From Guardian Analytics press release

guardianGuardian Analytics is partnering with The Norman Group to integrate and market Guardian’s new omni-channel fraud prevention solutions.

The Norman Group, industry consultants and advisors to large financial services firms in the areas of treasury, payments, trade and compliance, will help accelerate the implementation of modern payments and omni-channel fraud prevention solutions needed to address the changes in banking speed and services and today’s escalating fraud.

According to Guardian, financial institutions will benefit from The Norman Group’s expertise in banking platform and payment data systems integration, which fuels the latest innovations in Guardian Analytics’ fraud prevention solutions.

“Fraud risk management has become a strategic focus for financial institutions and implementing new technology to modernize protections across all channels and enhance the customer experience is a priority,” said Laurent Pacalin, Guardian’s president and CEO. “Our partnership with The Norman Group quickly implements protections for current problem areas such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and wire fraud, and will prepare for more strategic omni-channel fraud prevention initiatives.”

“To stay competitive, financial institutions need to continually enhance their customer-facing products and back-end technology platforms,” said Rob Grzeszczak, president and managing director of The Norman Group. “In parallel, we can rapidly advance their capabilities to protect offerings and channels.”


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