New book examines ways to handle multi-dimensional risk

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risk bookThe risk management process can be broken down into several key parts, determining what you are looking to achieve, identifying and assessing risks, planning and implementing responses, communicating, reviewing and learning from the risks.

The Risk Doctor, David Hillson, outlines what risk is and why it matters and brings together the thoughts and opinions of experts in risk to demonstrate how to effectively handle multi-dimensional risk and the emerging trends within the field.
Drawing on cutting-edge thinking
The Risk Management Handbook covers all the main areas of risk management in business, including cyber risk and political risk.

This book is a practical guide for risk professionals that includes chapters from leading subject experts, outlining best practice and emerging developments including:

  • Dr. Dale Cooper, director of Broadleaf Capital International
  • Liz Taylor, former chair of AIRMIC and chief executive of ALARM
  • Daniel Wagner, CEO of Country Risk Solutions

About the author: Dr David Hillson (CMgr FCMI FRSA FIRM HonFAPM)About the author: Dr David Hillson (CMgr FCMI FRSA FIRM HonFAPM PMI-Fellow) is The Risk Doctor. He is an international risk management consultant, and leads The Risk Doctor Partnership (


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