MetricStream launches M7 GRC platform

From MetricStream press release

metricstreamMetricStream, a developer of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) apps and solutions, has launched its new M7 GRC platform.

According to Vasant Balasubramanian, MetricStream’s senior vice president of product management, M7 is designed as a simple, pervasive and cloud-based approach to drive exceptional business performance through GRC.

  • User Experience that is intuitive, engaging, and personalized for the end user, helping to simplify and strengthen GRC adoption across the organization through technology
  • Configurability that delivers GRC how you need it, allowing the organization to tailor GRC to its unique reporting, workflow, and content requirements; scale up to support new users; and extend the platform to add more apps and solutions as GRC requirements evolve
  • Mobility and Layering that lets organizations embed GRC into their day-to-day activities, decisions, business critical apps, and devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and Tvs.
  • Reporting and Analytics for better insights and better decision-making through a range of powerful visualizations, analytics, and reporting capabilities
  • Architecture that is faster, leaner, and” ready for the future”, with the flexibility to manage GRC on-premise or in the private and secure GRC cloud.

MetricStream’s GRC platform is used by more than 350 organizations worldwide, including large global banks, mid-sized banks, investment banks, insurance firms, asset management companies, federal financial agencies, and clearing corporations, the company says.




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