IntelligenceBank: Why You Need PCI Compliance Software

By IntelligenceBank

As all fraud prevention and risk management specialists know, the goal of PCI compliance is to ensure merchants have maximum security controls and protocols when processing payments and handling customer data.

intelliartBenefits of being PCI-compliant include assuring customers when shopping with you, and it also improves your reputation amongst banks and credit card companies.

The problem is that many companies track PCI compliance in a spreadsheet, which is a risk in itself.

IntelligenceBank GRC has a seamless PCI compliance data collection, task management, tracking and reporting application that will make PCI managers’ lives easy.

Key benefits of a PCI Compliance portal include:

  •  Have one central location for all PCI DSS controls, tasks and related documentation.
  • Create up to date databases for managing PCI DSS Controls, which can easily link to tasks which can be assigned to various people with automatic reminders, risk ratings and reporting.
  • Track tasks to achieve and maintain compliance status associated with each individual control.
  • Assign secure permissions to allow you to decide which members of your audit and compliance team, see what.
  • Eliminate the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and manual task tracking.
  • Quickly assess the status of your compliance project and outstanding tasks with advanced reporting.
  • To learn more, sign up for an online demo, or register to receive IntelligenceBank’s “What is a PCI Compliance Portal” whitepaper.
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