IntelligenceBank eyes new customers in North America

By John L. Guerra

Editor, GRC & Fraud Software Journal

Dominic Gluchowski, IntelligenceBank

Dominic Gluchowski, IntelligenceBank

As North America suffered under an Arctic freeze last month, IntelligenceBank employees depended on air conditioning to keep the brutal Australian summer.

“We are in the middle of summer, it’s about 97 degrees outside,” says Dominic Gluchowski, IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Director. “But we’re just as comfortable working in the winter in North America, too.”

The company, founded in Melbourne in 2009 with U.S. headquarters in San Diego, is a business process management platform that delivers niche SaaS applications that help teams reduce costs and risk.

IntelligenceBank has a host of GRC contracts in Australia and customers in more than 50 other countries.

Through a partnership with Deloitte, IntelligenceBank provides risk and compliance software for retail and franchise industries in the United States.

The company is in the midst of negotiations to provide GRC and other solutions to other American-based Fortune 500 companies, Gluchowski said.

“In the United States, we’ve secured several great enterprise customers, and it’s full steam ahead with the growing demand of compliance services across organizations in North America.

Conflict of Interest (COI) platforms are some of the company’s best selling solutions. IntelligenceBank’s conflict of Interest software is purpose-designed to enable staff, distributors and the board to easily report potential conflicts and seamlessly create a culture of integrity and corporate responsibility,” Gluchowski says.

“It automates the review and approval of critical gift, financial interests, and relational conflicts. With a real-time audit trail, compliance officers can instantly run custom reports and track actions taken.”

The solution is designed for any organization, but works well for highly regulated industries such as financial services, government, and healthcare where a system of managing disclosures are required.

It helps companies avoid large penalties for non-compliance, Gluchowski says. It’s less expensive than larger platforms that cost millions and 18 months to install and launch.

The IntelligenceBank solution is usually up and running in three or four weeks, he said. “It’s easier to customize, provides granular permissions for specific groups, and automatically escalates to management if someone doesn’t respond.”

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