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John Guerra, editor, GRC & Fraud Software Journal

John Guerra, editor, GRC & Fraud Software Journal

We welcome you to our online community of risk and fraud professionals. GRC & Fraud Software Journal is designed for those on the frontline of risk mitigation, corporate compliance and fraud prevention, forensics and litigation support.

We are a work in  progress, so we look forward to suggestions, more content from contributors and updates from individual companies. We also hope you will get in touch with industry colleagues who write bylined articles in GRC & Fraud Software Journal. 

Please feel free to contact me at anytime, either via email at johnlguerra@gmail.com or by phone at 202-239-9205.

Thank you for making us required reading!

-- John Guerra






We reach thousands of fraud & risk professionals and software analysts in the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Risk Officers Forum, ISACA and other industry groups.

Our content, largely written by fraud and risk professionals, to the people who make the decision on which GRC and fraud software solutions to buy.

The goal is to put your solution in front of the people on the frontlines in the war against fraud and risk .

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We want to hear from software companies and individual anti-fraud professionals with blogs and articles that share their experience managing risk and fraud. We welcome articles on the use of software in the prevention, detection and management of risk & fraud, including in the area of litigation support.

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About GRC & Fraud Software Journal

Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Information Officers, Certified Fraud Examiners, Internal Auditors, Forensic Accountants, and other risk & fraud professionals rely on software that prevents, detects, and manages fraud and other risks.

GRC & Fraud Software Journal's mission is to write about software solutions, processes, and policies that help companies mitigate risk and comply with federal and international rules, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other requirements.

Fraud is perhaps the broadest and most incipient risk that companies and their customers face. We organize our coverage to mirror the fraud chain: 'We cover people and companies that provide solutions in fraud prevention, fraud monitoring, fraud detection, fraud forensics and litigation support.

GRC & Fraud Software Journal serves as a gathering place for fraud and risk professionals -- including fraud software providers - where they can share their knowledge and experience in preventing and managing fraud.