Guardian Analytics launches Sentinel for protecting TMOs from Fraud

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From Guardian Analytics

Mountain View, Calif. – Guardian Analytics, which develops behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for detecting banking fraud, recently released its new product, Sentinel, the industry’s first and most advanced behavioral analytics and machine-learning solution. Sentinel protects B2B web portals from account takeover, business email compromise, and many other fraud schemes, company developers said.

Sentinel can detect a wide array of fraud types including: account takeover, business email compromise (BEC), fake invoicing, fake purchase orders and modified wire and ACH templates. Sentinel is the most robust behavioral analytics solution with the highest detection rates and automated hold of high-risk transactions.

“As digital transformation of modern enterprises continues un-abated, Treasury Management departments face significant challenges in deploying payment fraud detection measures, said Laurent Pacalin, Guardian Analytics’ CEO.

“One particularly vexing issue is to ensure that their B2B web portals do not become a security liability,” he said. “Based on a technology and expertise proven with more than 400 financial institutions, this tailored solution protects enterprises whose brand exposes them to black hat fraudsters attempting to penetrate their treasury management systems.”

“As banks have gotten better at detecting fraud, criminals have broadened their attack surface and are now focusing on the relatively unprotected corporates,” said Julie Conroy, research director at Aite Group.

“From business email compromise to fake invoicing, we’re seeing a rising tide of crime targeting corporates. As such, it’s important for these firms to have tools that can protect them from substantial losses.”

Built on an open API, Guardian Analytics Sentinel provides a real-time risk-scoring engine that does not require manual intervention. The “machine-to-machine” architecture allows for deployment as fast as 60 days and is available now with subscription pricing starting at $100,000.

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