FCPA Clearinghouse provides database of laws, precedent and statistics

stanfordCompliance officers, corporate lawyers and risk managers now have a comprehensive Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Clearinhouse, thanks to Stanford Law School and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

The free, public database aggregates and curates source documents and provides analytic tools relating to FCPA enforcement for business leaders, law firms, policymakers, scholars, judges, the media and the general public.

View original documents 

They can view original documents, access relevant laws and precedent, and read articles about FCPA compliance and enforcement. The database is available at http://fcpa.stanford.edu.

“Corruption is a pervasive and growing problem,” said Stanford Law professor Joseph A. Grundfest, the principal investigator for the FCPAC. “Companies facing FCPA exposure will benefit greatly from the detailed insight available through the clearinghouse. So, too, will policymakers and enforcement agencies battling to contain the spread of bribery in international commercial relations.”

Links to relevant laws, guidance

Anyone will be able to access the “Resources” section of the website, which provides links to relevant laws, legislative history, FCPA guidance and compliance, FCPA-related blogs and forums, the websites of federal agencies involved in FCPA investigations and prosecutions, and more.

Search past FCPA violations

Companies under investigation for FCPA violations and their law firms will be able to construct narrowly tailored searches in the “Enforcement Actions” database to identify and analyze similar fact patterns; anticipate potential dispositions, sanctions and sentences; and monitor the impact of cooperation and self-reporting.

Search compliance landscape

Business leaders and compliance professionals will be able to monitor the changing compliance landscape to ensure that their policies and procedures conform to minimum standards elucidated by the SEC and DOJ.

Academics and the media will be able to conduct empirical analyses of FCPA enforcement actions and search for general trends on the FCPAC’s “Statistics and Analytics” pages.

The FCPAC is a public service provided through the Rock Center, which is a joint initiative of Stanford Law School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The database and website were created by scholars at SLS working in collaboration with Sullivan & Cromwell’s lawyers. The Rock Center also provides support.


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