Donnelly Financial Solutions releases ActiveDisclosure 3

From Donnelly Financial Solutions press release

donnellyOne troubling aspect of being a public company is the amount of work involved in preparing financial filings. Companies spend a lot of money and resources to ensure their information is compliant with Security and Exchange Commission and other regulatory agencies.

That’s why Donnelley Financial Solutions just released its cloud-based financial disclosure management solution, called ActiveDisclosure 3.

The solution is designed to advance the ability of privately held, pre-IPO and public companies of all sizes and vertical industries to collaborate on documents and comply with disclosure requirements mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory agencies. The solution speeds and simplifies the process of creating, managing and submitting the required disclosure documentation, company officials said.

ActiveDisclosure 3 is designed to bring teams together across departments, functions and geographies in real-time through a co-authoring, browser-enabled platform. It is also designed to save time and ensure accuracy when dealing with fixed deadlines and shifting regulations.

The only compliance solution integrating with Microsoft Office Online, ActiveDisclosure 3 allows multiple users to simultaneously create and edit their Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from most devices, said Craig Clay, president of global capital markets at Donnelley Financial Solutions.

“By harnessing the power of Microsoft Office Online, clients now have unfettered, real-time visibility to changes or edits being made to their documents by other team members – from anywhere,” Clay said. “This comprehensive line of sight better positions our clients to deliver on their accuracy and efficiency objectives.”

ActiveDisclosure 3 is also designed to be extremely intuitive, said Darren Peterson, senior vice president of product management at Donnelly Financial Solutions.

“The industry is rapidly embracing the ability to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents right in the browser, just like they can in Office 365,” Peterson said. “While the Office desktop applications are always an option, the convenience of the browser is hard to pass up.”

“This evolution is the result of our continued investment in innovation, along with our Gold Partner relationship with Microsoft,” stated Clay. “Ultimately, we believe ActiveDisclosure 3 raises the bar on what clients should expect from their financial reporting solution, in terms of accuracy and efficiency.”

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