Cyber security should not rely on staff intervention

By Steven Fadem, chairman of Global Data Sentinel

It is clear that financial services institutions are falling short at providing effective cybersecurity for their data, emails and files.

gds logoFailing to recognize that true cyber security must be designed as an integrated operating system – one that is highly responsive, easily configurable and simple to manage – places financial services institutions at even greater risk of a security breach.

The financial services industry, with its sensitive data, must provide control and audit of files, email and all data across several domains with detailed data-access behavioral analytics. The industry must create and enforce a zero-knowledge environment for its entire IT staff, outsourced IT providers and cloud vendors, and place that environment in the control of top-level management.

The firm’s top managers require a system that will learn a user’s behavioral patterns, create tamper-proof audit trails, and send out alerts immediately if unusual activity is detected – and react by revoking access to the information. The cyber security solution also should meet government-mandated compliance standards with responsive software solutions.

GDS has the capability to build systems that track and remove access to email and data even after leaving a company’s network and work across multi-devices, including PCs, Macs, Smartphones and other mobile devices, such as medical equipment, printers/scanners, and other peripherals including the Internet of Things (IoT).

In other words, the solution shouldn’t focus on the breach and crisis control, but have the intuitive ability to circumvent a breach by rendering the data inaccessible to the user, whether it be a hacker, employee or someone else with the correct codes and passwords.

Global Data Sentinel provides cyber security and data security for any cloud service providers, even private networks.

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