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Defining Key Steps in Regulatory Change Management

Date: Nov. 29
Time: 11 a.m. – Noon EST

One of the worst pain points today is finding a way to adequately track, analyze and react to constant changes in regulations and interpretations of them. In this webinar, we defined the key steps in planning for and executing an effective regulatory change management capability.

Join OCEG and experts from sponsor Thomson Reuters, for an in-depth look at advances in regulatory change management and gain information that you can apply in your organization today.

Learning Objectives:
• Defining a regulatory taxonomy
• Risk assessment for regulatory tracking
• Determining relevant sources and types of regulatory content
• Mapping regulatory change information to business activities

Nick Bray, Head of Content Enablement, Thomson Reuters
Steve McDonald, Head of Market Development, Risk, Americas, Thomson Reuters

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Tools for Assessing Third Party Info Security Risk: Using the New OCEG Playbook

Date: Dec. 1
Time: 11 a.m. – Noon EST

Effectively managing information security risk arising from third party relationships is an essential aspect of GRC capability that drives successful attainment of Principled Performance.

It is a key “play in the game”, so OCEG and Hiperos have developed a Principled Performance Playbook to provide some essential guidance and tools to get started. Just like a football playbook, this document outlines the steps to take – or plays – for assessing information security risk in each of your third parties to ensure the right controls are in place.

Learning Objectives:

• Define areas of information security third party risk
• Identify key steps to take in assessing each party’s risk level
• Demonstrate use of specific “plays” or tools provided to assist in assessing risk and assigning controls.

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How Should the CAE Be Talking About GRC?

Date: Dec. 6
Time: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST

In this webinar, we chat with two chief audit executives about the role the CAE should have in guiding critical conversations with other key executives to ensure a strong GRC strategy.

Business success requires that information about performance, risk and compliance be clear, consistent and capable of evaluation.

The CAE has a key role to play by guiding a series of critical conversations that will help to develop and drive integrated GRC capabilities that support business objectives and provide actionable information.

Whether you are the CAE or a member of the audit team, or are in another GRC role in risk or compliance, this webinar will help you understand the conversations that should be taking place and to participate in them in your own organization.

Learning Objectives:
• Preparing to discuss ways to select and apply GRC metrics that support operational and audit needs
• Driving collaboration in the execution of an integrated GRC strategy
• Identifying key points for CAE conversations with the Board and executives that will break down organizational barriers to effective risk management, compliance efforts and implementation of the overall GRC strategy.


Yo Delmar, Vice-President, GRC, MetricStream
Tom Harper, Executive Vice President/General Auditor, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
Joe Cooney, Vice President, Internal Audit, Juniper Networks

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