Case Study: What HealthSouth fraud can teach you

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Accounting fraud can happen to anyone.

fraud headlinesWeston Smith, former CFO at HealthSouth Corporation knows just that after participating in a self-described “gigantic fraud snowball.” After investigation by the SEC, Smith and 17 others were charged with fraud. Fast-forward to today—in a post-Yates memo world—and even more employees might have been charged.

Ask yourself – when faced with fraud – what would and should you do?

Download this white paper by industry experts Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D., CPA, and Founder of Helios Digital Learning, and Joe Howell, Cofounder and EVP at Workiva, to explore:

  • A fraud case study of HealthSouth Corporation
  • The impact of regulators’ focus on individual responsibility
  • Understanding your risk from accounting fraud

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