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ucf logoNetwork Frontiers, provider of IT Compliance mapping and creators of the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), and LockPath, a provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) applications launched the first online Compliance Dictionary.

The dictionary’s entries and knowledge draw on methodology developed over nearly a decade of supporting IT best practices.

Here’s how the companies explain their project:

“Accessible for free at, the UCF’s Compliance Dictionary is the only lexicon of its kind, online or off, its creators say. There are many glossaries associated with specific compliance regulations, but each utilizes its own definitions and terminology, which can add to the confusion, cost, and wasted time associated with managing compliance.

“Even small variances in language, including misspellings and typos, can make it very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to properly configure the automated compliance tools many organizations now rely on. For example, what is the difference between an “active recovery site” and a “mirrored site”? Nothing. How about an “Application Service Provider” versus a “Managed Service Provider”? Again – as far as compliance is concerned, nothing.”

These are just two examples of how those who write compliance controls — the guidelines in Authority documents that organizations must implement to achieve compliance — use different words to mean the same thing.

Network Frontiers’ UCF standardizes and unifies compliance terms and governance requirements from hundreds of Authority Documents containing thousands upon thousands of controls. The new Compliance Dictionary brings the UCF’s science of compliance — and a big dose of sanity — to regulatory management.

“I’m just tired of seeing legislators, regulators, and standards writers make terms up and auditors confusing things even further,” says Dorian Cougias, Network Frontiers co-founder and lead analyst of the Unified Compliance Framework. “Compliance really doesn’t have to be nearly as maddening as it is.”

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