Los Alamos, EY introduce cyber security tool to skeptical industry

 los logoErnst & Young LLP and Los Alamos National Laboratory have formed a strategic alliance to deliver new behavioral cybersecurity tools to the commercial market. 

An independent lab that tests cybersecurity software products, however, says it remains to be seen whether Pathscan is a real breakthrough.

The first product to be introduced through the alliance will be PathScan®, a network anomaly-detection tool that searches for deviations from normal patterns of communication that might be indicative of an intrusion. Up until now, PathScan has been exclusively used in the government sector, but it will now be made available to private companies for the first time.

By virtue of its introduction to the marketplace, PathScan immediately becomes one of the most advanced cybersecurity tools available based on its behavioral analysis approach to detecting threats. The tool is designed to detect threat actors once they have breached an organization's perimeter, but before they can inflict serious damage.

"Cybersecurity attacks are ever more frequent and more sophisticated, and they destroy the trust needed to conduct business," said Duncan McBranch, Chief Technology Officer at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The tools developed by Los Alamos and delivered to the private sector exclusively by Ernst & Young LLP are designed to counter these threats by detecting them before they do deep and lasting damage, EY said.

While many companies are investing heavily on prevention tactics, not enough are focused on detecting the inevitable breach, the companies argue. According to the most recent EY Global Information Security Survey, more than half (56 percent) of executives said their company would be unlikely to detect a sophisticated cyberattack.

"Organizations must accept that no defense will keep out a determined hacker. This shift in understanding – that a cyberattack is not a matter of if, but when – means companies must detect threats as soon as their perimeter has been breached and take appropriate action," said Siobhan MacDermott, Principal, Cybersecurity, Ernst & Young LLP.

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