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Hurricanes: Great opportunities for insurance fraud

From Claims Journal Magazine



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Guardian Analytics holding financial crimes and fraud prevention event 



trump winces

Army of amateur fraud investigators could help Trump probe

Citizen info boosted Libby, Watergate prosecutions



Federal drug fraud case expands in New Jersey

Government employees allegedly recruited into prescription benefits ring




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IMA: Ethics provide guidance for the way forward




gov fraud 

ACL: Local governments perform poorly against fraud threats




GFT on the future of cloud banking 



Miami City Hall misses someone stealing millions



Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller


 Mueller probe uses top money laundering and fraud prosecutors




Spencer Hoffman, Lovell Minnick Partners LLC

Spencer Hoffman, Lovell Minnick Partners LLC


How financial investors learn about companies they invest in




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The ultimate guide





 Internal audits: Preparing leads to efficiency, meaningful results 



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 Cyber insurance companies must react to rapid developments





Why every company needs a robust Conflict of Interest System


Why You Need PCI Compliance Software


Webinar: How IntelligenceBank works with MaxEx



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  • In this exclusive interview, LexisNexis Risk Solutions talks about AML and Know Your Customer solutions.
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  • Companies struggle to manage regulatory compliance
  • Kount: Five ways to reduce mobile fraud
  • Former IT worker going to prison for sabotaging networks
  • Has your organization performed the ACFE Fraud Prevention Checklist?
  • Plus: Download OCEG's GRC Capability Model, called the "Red Book."

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New fraud, compliance software patents

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office approves patents for fraud, risk, and compliance software products every month. Check the latest ideas before they come to market on our Patents Page.



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 Goodbye spreadsheets.

StandardFusion is a purely cloud-based GRC platform that is the Better Approach to GRC.




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Business intelligence, due diligence, fraud investigations and more




lockpathNamed to Gartner's 'Magic Quadrant'



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Network Frontiers' online compliance dictionary


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Stanford's new FCPA Database

View original documents, access relevant laws and precedent, and read articles about FCPA compliance and enforcement


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ACFE's 2016 fraud Report to the Nations

The annual global report surveys fraud trends by country, fraud prevention solutions, and other key data.


oceg yella

 The first complete, illustrated guide to developing effective GRC capabilities




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Data breaches probably inside job 

When companies declare that  hackers have stolen millions of credit card numbers or other customer account information, someone on the inside was probably in on the theft. Karl Lesser, a veteran network security analyst, tells of what he's seen in his years as a security consultant.

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Account takeovers in the hundreds of millions

Of 500 million account creations, more than 270 million are flagged as fraudulent or suspect, according to statistics maintained by NuData Security.






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A chance meeting of old friends

Chris Randall, SMI CEO

Chris Randall, SMI CEO

In 2011 Chris Randall, a real estate and technology investor, bumped into Chad Killian, the CEO of a Pittsburgh-based background screening company. The two launched a company that's a growing player in risk and fraud ...

A GRC & Fraud Software exclusive


Banks fail to implement the EMV standard

Behavioral analytics providers describe cutting-edge technology that catches online fraudsters before they complete transactions on mobile payment platforms. Read more >


Kount: A perfect storm of fraud is on the horizon

perfect stormWith billions adopting mobile banking platforms and other trends, fraud could become an unstoppable force.

How to battle the fraud elements


When Fraud Turns Deadly: Conspiracies that kill

shot of many headstonesThree recent cases that sought to obtain money under false pretenses led to the deaths of innocent people. Fraud has real consequences when victims perish.

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Detecting evasiveness during fraud interviews

can't lieJanine Driver, who calls herself the "Lyin' Tamer", was a lie detection expert for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the CIA. She reveals interview tips for fraud investigators.

A fraud investigator speaks