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Giovanni Gallo

Giovanni Gallo

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Giovanni Gallo, Co-CEO, on spotting 'what's being whispered'







Narendra Sahoo


Achieving HIPAA Compliance & HITRUST with S0c2




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Connect Global Group conference: Protecting against digital financial crimes during Covid-19




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ZUMIGO hits 100 million account

milestone with its fraud protection milestone







New GRC platform uses templates for complexities 




MetricStream releases predictions for 2019 GRC trends




GAN Integrity adds new risk management module




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The 10 elements of an effective compliance program  

From the FCPA Blog 





Panasonic provides a teachable moment

The Panasonic enforcement action in April -- resulting in $280 million in penalties and disgorgement to the DOJ and SEC -- offers almost every lesson a compliance officer might want to discuss about anti-bribery programs. From the FCPA Blog. 





Less Pain, More Gain: InfoSec risk management and ISO 27001




ERP Migrations: Creating New GRC Exposure and Upgrade Hazards







Ten ways GDPR differs from the U.S. privacy model




GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. Text: Are you ready for GDPR. EU flag. Vector illustration

Reciprocity helps companies ready for May GDPR deadline




Australian company eyes more North American customers



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 8 strategies to fight false positives

Clamping down in the wrong ways can increase false positives



Ready for 2018?

Maturing Business Resilience Through Integrated Risk Management 




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Kount: A collaborative ecosystem for fighting fraud




FICO will protect nonprofits from money launderers, fraudsters



John Verver, ACL

John Verver, ACL

  ACL Platform brings constant monitoring to risk management teams



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SOC Audits: What They Are, and How to Survive Them





Why every company needs a robust Conflict of Interest System


Why You Need PCI Compliance Software


Webinar: How IntelligenceBank works with MaxEx



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  • Has your organization performed the ACFE Fraud Prevention Checklist?
  • Plus: Download OCEG's GRC Capability Model, called the "Red Book."


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John Guerra's biography of real-life Air Force UFO investigator Maj. George Filer is now out on Amazon. Filer leaves nothing out about his own UFO encounters on the ground and in the air, providing Guerra all the important details of his six decades investigating extraterrestrials and their craft.

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“Things still linger in the creeks, swamps and low places of my childhood. They crawl about in the spider corners in aging barns, moan from mist-choked riverbanks and stand hunched and patient in the shadows as we age and die.”

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New fraud, compliance software patents

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office approves patents for fraud, risk, and compliance software products every month. Check the latest ideas before they come to market on our Patents Page.





ZenGRC is the first user-friendly GRC software that makes compliance easy for today’s nimble enterprises.



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Actionable Social Media Intelligence.




fireloft ad

A better approach to GRC.




Internal control institute

The Internal Control Institute is primarily involved in improving individual professional expertise in internal control and improving organization internal control activities in companies.





lockpathNamed to Gartner's 'Magic Quadrant'



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Network Frontiers' online compliance dictionary


small fcpa

Stanford's new FCPA Database

View original documents, access relevant laws and precedent, and read articles about FCPA compliance and enforcement


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ACFE's 2016 fraud Report to the Nations

The annual global report surveys fraud trends by country, fraud prevention solutions, and other key data.


oceg yella

 The first complete, illustrated guide to developing effective GRC capabilities




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Data breaches probably inside job 

When companies declare that  hackers have stolen millions of credit card numbers or other customer account information, someone on the inside was probably in on the theft. Karl Lesser, a veteran network security analyst, tells of what he's seen in his years as a security consultant.

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Account takeovers in the hundreds of millions

Of 500 million account creations, more than 270 million are flagged as fraudulent or suspect, according to statistics maintained by NuData Security.






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